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Your wardrobe, electrified

Socialize through fashion

Besides sharing your wardrobe you can also follow other people or like individual items to get recommended similar people or clothes you like.



Discover trendy style

Our discover page offers various styles powered by our users who are actively posting their OOTDs shaping a variety of outfits and clothes on our platform


We offer free”username” links for everyone who signs up which makes it very easy to plug your wardrobe in a link-in-bio format.

Spotify Plugin

We use Lanyard to power our Spotify Status feature. To use Lanyard, you must join their Discord Server using the Discord account that's connected to


We offer a variety of themes and accent colors try them below:

Verified Program

Our verified plan is available for everyone for a small fee but will be given to any relatively known creator on other social media platforms setting up their simple virtual wardrobe often these people are recruited by outfits.

You make the look, we'll make the link!

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