Outfits.bio Terms of Service

Last Updated: 15 August 2023

1. Definitions

1.1 Outfits.bio: Outfits.bio (“we”, “our”, “us”) means the outfits.bio website, company, and anything bound
under the website and company such as, of which is not limited to, subsidiaries, partners,
communication servers, and social accounts.
1.2 Account: The personal account created by the User, on our website, designated at
outfits.bio, or any other subsidiary websites, platforms, or services left unmentioned.
1.3 User: The entity who makes use of our services.
1.4 Agent: A User who is granted special administrative privileges, of which Outfits.bio has
provided them for their work, specifically tasked to ensure the optimal trust and safety of
the Outfits.bio community and image.
1.5 Agreement: Any mutual agreement or acceptance made between the User and Outfits.bio,
regarding Outfits.bio's services and/or products.
1.6 Service(s): The service(s) provided exclusively for the User that has opted into
contract(s) or agreed to agreements with Outfits.bio.
1.7 Last Updated: The date of which this agreement was last changed or updated. The
User is responsible for the reviewing of changes if this document has been updated.
1.8 Automated Accounts: Automated accounts (“bot accounts”) are accounts that have
permission provided by Outfits.bio for the usage of automation and the use of our API, however
these accounts still must follow the Terms of Service.
1.9 Communit(ies/y): Communities are a group-based feature, with the intention of
sharing as such with people who have common interests. Communities have their own
rules, functionality, etc. but all must abide by all of the agreement(s) made by Outfits.bio.

2. Applicability of Terms

2.1 These terms apply to the Users that associate with, create an account at, or are in any
way partnered or associated with, or make use of Outfits.bio and its subsidiaries or other
services in any way. By using Outfits.bio and its services, you are agreeing to the bounding of
these Terms of Service.
2.1.1 Amongst this, these terms are also applicable to any products or services provided by
Outfits.bio, of which is including and not limited to, Outfits.bio Permium, merchandise sold by
Outfits.bio, or any other offers, quotations, agreements, or applicable legal acts.
2.2 These terms, including other products and services, are bound under American law.
Any and all disputes relating to these terms or services will be submitted to a court within
the state of Delaware.
2.3 Deviations from these terms, or any applicable legal document provided by Outfits.bio, for
the User shall only be valid if these have been expressly agreed upon by both Outfits.bio and
the User.

3. Outfits.bio's Obligations

3.1 Trust and safety are considered one of the top priorities and motives of Outfits.bio. We will
do our best to provide the best services we can to the User. 3.2 We also promise the
highest possible standards of professionality regarding the Agents and other team
members that work for Outfits.bio.
3.3 Outfits.bio is obliged to terminate any contract or agreement made and restrict access or
hand out other necessary measures to prevent the access of the outfits.bio website and its
services, if the User is in violation of the provisions thereof (Art 7.1.I and 5.3.1).

4. User Obligations and Liability

4.1 The User is at least thirteen (13) years of age before accessing the content within Outfits.bio
and its subsidiaries and any other services and products provided by Outfits.bio.
4.2 The User is also not permitted to create retail or any other spin-offs off of Outfits.bio for the
sole purpose of reselling or sharing our products or services. 4.2.1 Reselling or sharing
user accounts or login details is and are not permitted in any way (Art. 7.1.A).
4.3 If the User takes advantage of or abuses any on-site exploits or bugs, Outfits.bio is obliged
to recover from damage resulting from the abuse of these bugs incurred by the User and
suspend the User's account of who is liable for the damages caused.
4.4 The User is not permitted to exploit, distribute, or abuse the softwares or services
provided or created by Outfits.bio in any way.
4.5 The User is solely responsible for their account created on Outfits.bio, and their
communit(ies/y) created on Outfits.bio, if applicable.

5. Usage of Service

5.1 If the User intentionally or deliberately fails to secure their account page,
so that other users are endangered or experience issues in their behalf, then this
agreement is terminated.
5.2 Outfits.bio does not provide support for any topics or subjects outside of the general usage
5.3 If the user engages in activity bound under Outfits.bio mentioned below, then this agreement
is terminated:
A. Using Outfits.bio to systematically retrieve data or information provided from Outfits.bio to
create or compile, directly or indirectly, a collection, compilation, database, or
directory without written permission from Outfits.bio.
B. Disparage, tarnish, or otherwise harm, in our opinion, Outfits.bio and/or Outfits.bio.
C. Use the Outfits.bio in a manner inconsistent with any applicable laws or regulations.
D. Engage in authorized farming of or linking to Outfits.bio.
E. Trick, defraud, or mislead Outfits.bio and/or other Users, especially within an attempt to
learn sensitive account information, such as a User's login information
F. Swindling; to deprive a User of their possessions fraudulently
G. Remove the copyright or proprietary rights notice from any content
H. Attempt to bypass any measures of Outfits.bio designed to prevent or restrict access to
Outfits.bio or any portion of Outfits.bio.
I. Interfere with, disrupt, or create an undue burden on Outfits.bio or the networks or
services and/or software connected to Outfits.bio.
J. Harass (by any means), intimidate, or threaten any of our Users or Agents.
L. Make any unauthorized use of Outfits.bio, including collecting of usernames and/or email
addresses of Users by electronic or other means for the purposes of sending
unsolicited emails or creating User accounts by automated means or under false
M. Attacking our services by any means, such as (D)DoS attacks, XSS attacks,
clickjacking, etc.
N. Disclosing legally punishable material and/or using it for legally punishable
O. Copying or stealing assets from Outfits.bio, which is legally punishable due to the
copyright of Outfits.bio.
5.3.1 If the User violates the provisions made above or any other provisions of the Outfits.bio
Terms of Service, Outfits.bio shall terminate the services for, and the account created by the
User, in question effective immediately.
5.4 The service may be suspended at any time for any reason, with or without any prior

6. Disclaimer of Warranty

6.1 The entirety of Outfits.bio and its services is provided and licensed “as is” without warrant of
any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranty of
quality, merchantability, title, non-infringement, and fitness for a particular purpose and
such implied warranties, any other warranties, representations, conditions, and terms,
expressed or implied (and whether implied by statute, common law, course of dealing,
trade usage, or otherwise) are hereby excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.
6.1.1 Outfits.bio does not warrant the following:
A. The guaranteed stability and uptime of Outfits.bio at any time.
B. Your system fails to meet basic system requirements for the usage of Outfits.bio.
C. The use of Outfits.bio being uninterrupted or error-free.

7. Account

7.1 Upon account creation at Outfits.bio, you automatically abide by these following provisions
regarding the usage of the account created:
A. We do not permit the sharing of your personally created account, otherwise
referred to as “account sharing”, regardless of your relationship with the person.
This has been put in place to limit the betrayal of your account integrity.
B. Do not provide us with your personal, real life, information. Information like this may
be, and is not limited to, full name(s), phone number(s), family information,
non-commercial email(s), etc.
C. We especially do not permit the sharing of websites that may be deemed as spam,
such as websites that, and of which is limited to, promote the false advertisement
of products or rewards, are keyloggers, etc.
D. Generating content of an inappropriate manner, such as (but not limited to),
pornography, sexually-intended messages, etc.
E. Do not generate content on your account that violates your country's jurisdictional
F. Do not generate hate, spam, or automated accounts that are falsely considered
User accounts (Art. 5.3.L).
G. Transferring and/or selling your account is not permitted on Outfits.bio.
H. Accounts intended to impersonate someone else is not permitted.
I. Outfits.bio may terminate your account or any features on it, restricting the usage of
them, for any reason without prior notice at any time, effective immediately upon
termination or restriction. All provisions under these terms which, by their nature,
should survive termination and shall survive as such.

9. Prices, offers, and quotations

9.1 Outfits.bio is authorized to adjust the prices of its products at any time, with or without any
prior notice. If you wish to cancel your subscription or payments to any of our products or
services because of this, please do so before the adjusted price is in effect.
9.2 All prices are shown in the US Dollar ($, USD) currency, and are exclusive of turnover
tax and other levies imposed by the government. On Outfits.bio, which is aimed at the private
market, all prices include value added tax and other government levies.
9.3 Any typing or programming errors made by us on-site, on leaflets, or on offers and
other documentation of Outfits.bio are subject to change. Outfits.bio shall not be held liable for the
consequences thereof.

10. Payment(s)

10.1 Subscription plans and its information thereof are available on Outfits.bio. You agree and
acknowledge by selecting and purchasing a subscription, that you pay Outfits.bio a monthly or
annual subscription, if applicable, of subscription fees that are shown on-prompt. Any and
all payments will be charged on a pre-pay basis and will cover the ability of owning the
designated feature(s) shown on-prompt.
10.2 If the User has failed to pay the designated amount after seven (7) workdays, the
subscription plan will be canceled and whatever features applicable will be removed from
the User account.
10.3 Payments are handled through Stripe's services. Outfits.bio is not liable for the breaches or
damage caused by the User made on Stripe's Terms of Service and Stripe's service(s)
itself. If you have any questions about Stripe, please contact them instead. 10.3.1
Furthermore, Outfits.bio Customer Service does not cover Stripe, only the purchasement of
relevant Outfits.bio products, and how to purchase them.
10.4 Outfits.bio does not refund its services or products, we do not remove the perks or
products attached to any User account, unless deemed necessary in our opinion. 10.4.1
You can request a Special Refund Request (SRR) for the following reasons, and of which is
not limited to:
A. Your account has been compromised or terminated and you no longer have
permanent access to it
B. The feature applied was unsuccessful, resulting in no features or products of which
have been promised
10.4.3 The User has fourteen (14) days to request a SRR with Outfits.bio; Outfits.bio will then decide if
the refund should be processed or not due to the validity of such.

11. Customer Service

11.1 Customer Service is given in standard English (ISO 639-1: en-US and en-GB) only.
11.2 Outfits.bio Customer Service does not handle support on the following topics, of which is
not limited to:
A. Off-site issues, requests, or inquiries.
B. Administrative abuse or related issues or inquiries.
C. Concerns or inquiries that are not relevant in any way to the general usage of Outfits.bio
and its technical “how tos'.”
D. Refunds or any other form of regular money-back requests.
E. Issues or inquiries regarding your Outfits.bio account.
F. On-site related issues, requests, or inquiries.
G. Bug or exploit reporting.
H. Issues regarding Art. 10 and its provisions.
I. Special Refund Requests (SRRs); validity is discussed in Art. 10.4.1 and 11.2.1.
11.3 Outfits.bio shall dismiss or cancel any support requests if these are deemed as invalid under
Art. 11.2.1. 11.3.2 Outfits.bio shall also dismiss or cancel any support requests if these are not
spoken or written in standard en-GB or en-US english.

12. Sponsorships and partnerships

12.1 Outfits.bio has the right to terminate partnerships or sponsorships, effective immediately, if
its products or services are used in a way that contravenes these Terms of Service.
12.2 In the event that the other party fails to comply with their agreement(s) or if there is a
suspicion of defrauding, Outfits.bio shall have the right to dismiss or suspend the service(s)
related to the sponsorship or partnership.
12.3 All products or services moved and/or created for Outfits.bio through a sponsorship or
partnership agreement shall be and remain the property of Outfits.bio unless otherwise agreed
to in writing.
12.4 Should the other party wish to terminate the sponsorship or partnership, a thirty-day
(30-day) notice must be given beforehand. If this fails to happen, the costs incurred will
be charged and any related services will be suspended until the full amount is received.

13. COPPA Act

13.1 This provision is in effect for Art. 4.1. COPPA is defined as the Children's Online
Privacy Protection Act, created in 1998. COPPA imposes certain requirements on
operators of websites or online services directed to children under thirteen (13) years of
age, and on operators of other websites or online services that have acknowledged that
they are collecting personal information online from a child under thirteen (13) years of
age. A child, who is under the age of thirteen (13), requires special parental or legal
guardian supervision or permission in order to visit and make use of Outfits.bio and its services.
13.2 Outfits.bio does not intentionally, nor does Outfits.bio intend to, collect information from a minor
who is under the age of thirteen (13). We strictly prohibit the use of any user under the
age of thirteen (13), unless legally permitted by either a parent or legal guardian. 13.2.1
Among this, Outfits.bio shall, if reported, restrict any access of Outfits.bio from the underage child in
question, unless the child is specifically permitted by a parent or legal guardian to make
use of Outfits.bio and its services.
14. General Inquiries or Complaints
14.1 Outfits.bio shall not be liable for any damage caused by intent or equivalent recklessness on
the part of non-managerial staff.
14.2 If complaints are made by the user, and these are found to be justified by Outfits.bio, Outfits.bio
will, at its discretion, come to an arrangement with the User. Any liability on the part of
Outfits.bio for any other form of damage is excluded.

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